Here is a list of 3 simple philosophies schools can take to connect to ideas and events to raise money for your school through potential and existing donors to

3 Tips for Charter School Fundraising

by Syam Buradagunta
on Aug 29, 2019

Wherever your school is with its fundraising strategy, there’s always room to grow and improve and Blue Sky Give provides the very best school fundraising tools for online fundraising!  

Here is a list of 3 simple philosophies schools can take to connect to ideas and events to raise money for your school through potential and existing donors to increase your impact.

1. START & Make your case. 

You have a strong story!  Why are your stakeholders at YOUR school ? Is your charter school per-student funding rate less than the neighborhood school district? Less than the state average?  Is there a special student or story ? 

Share what moves you with your audience.  Include a list of things you aim to accomplish through your charter school fundraising : Starting an after-school STEM program, reducing class size,  purchasing new musical instruments or enhancing facilities.  

The more emotionally connected your stakeholders are, the more they will feel to give through Blue Sky Give’s school fundraising tools. 

Communicate funds raised to date and what you’ve been able to accomplish as a result and Give your donors and potential donors assurance that their money will be put to good use and your charter school fundraising is going to be spectacular!

2.  Be Grateful ! 

“The best ask is a great thank you.”   MAKE the time to send notes, emails, texts after receiving a donation.  A nice gesture is to send hand-written notes, however, this is not always possible, especially for larger schools.  Using templates is not bad! As long as your update this periodically, again “it’s the thought that counts!” 

Even automated communications are helpful. Blue Sky Give offers this in every package level.  

Another level of communication for your charter school donors is an annual publication that recognizes donors for their contributions. You can include information about the projects and improvements that were made possible by their giving..  

3. Peer to Peer Fundraising

While there are many grant opportunities available to charter schools, grant writing can be difficult, time consuming and doesn’t expand your potential donor base, but when you think about charter school fundraising imagine multiplying your fundraising staff to the entire school!    

Blue Sky Give’s Peer to Peer Fundraising Software lets people create personalized fundraising pages for your campaign, providing supporters the opportunity to TELL THEIR STORY with text and pictures.  This will allow them to direct their friends to a donation page, expand your potential donor pool and actually increases their dedication to YOUR cause which is also THEIR cause!

This can be as simple as a badge or widget in the form of a small box, can be added to an existing website, blog, or social network profile with a donation option. 

Your supporters don’t need to know code , they can just copy paste! Widgets also allow people to send donation requests out multiple times to individuals in their networks giving ample opportunity for your charter school fundraiser.  

With Blue Sky Give, we make it easy for staff and team captains to monitor a campaign's progress.  With a centralized admin website Blue Sky Give can show the overall status of the campaign with easy tools to compare fundraising results or download information about donors. 


Bonus : Double the Donation with Matching Gifts 

Most people are not aware if their employer offers a matching gift program, with Blue Sky Give, we automatically ask donors if their employer participates in a matching gift program. This reminder is built into your Blue Sky Give website’s donation page.  We also automatically include a simple, noticeable message in every email that prompts donors to ask if their employer, or their spouse’s employer, participates in a matching gift program.