The Right Walk-A-Thon Fundraising Software can be the Difference between Success and Failure

Best Features for Walk-A-Thon Fundraising Software

by Chad Leathers
on Aug 23, 2019

What Makes Walk-A-Thon Fundraising so Great ? 

You don’t need to be a triathlete or marathoner to participate, Walk-a-thons are great events and fundraising events for the entire family. 

Walk-a-thons are less work and less liability than runs and bike rides and are much more simple to organize. 

Walk-a-thons attract true supporters of the organization and have the same capability as other online fundraising ideas.  While A 5K or running event will attract many weekend warriors, those attendees simply pay a registration fee, run, and not raise any money for the charity.

How do you bring 100’s and even 1000’s of new donors to your organization through a Walk-A-Thon? 


The Right Walk-A-Thon Fundraising Software can be the Difference between Success and Failure

It is not a secret why so many organizations host Walk-a-thon fundraisers.  Prospective walkers and donors have a lot of options to choose from.  

If you want your walk-a-thon to raise a ton, then it should be an “event” and not just an obligation.  It has been proven time and again, great events are driven by great people.  And great people attract more great people.  

Put yourself in the shoes of the walker. Wouldn’t you want great food, shirts, prizes, photo-booths, bounce houses, music, etc… these change the experience and are the components of a great fundraising walk event.

Your Walk-A-Thon Software should be to : 

Allow walkers to register and set up a fundraising page simultaneously

Allow walkers to pick their food choices

Allow walkers to select their shirt size

Allow walkers to register their kids

Allow walkers to register their pets and even give pets their own fundraising page

Allow walkers to select times for photos

Allow volunteers to register and select from available volunteer shifts

Rank the top fundraising walkers

Rank the walkers who referred the most people to the event.


The AIDS Walk Portland ( is a great example of a walk-a-thon with full-featured software.  The AIDS Walk Portland is an amazing event that is colorful, exciting, emotional and a walk-a-thon that people look forward to attending.  

To be successful with your own walk-a-thon, you can follow ordinary walks. You need to be sure that your walk-a-thon software is flexible enough to have features that support your own unique needs.

Many organizations use flexible, affordable Walk-a-thon fundraising software, like Blue Sky Give. 

Blue Sky Give is a fundraising platform ideal for any company fundraiser, non-profit fundraiser,  public school fundraiser or charter school fundraiser that holds walkathons or pledge-based event like runs, bird-a-thons an Audubon Society Fundraiser, 

Thousands of people use Blue Sky Give’s software to support events and campaigns of all types.  Several hundred companies, nonprofits and schools, in multiple languages, use Blue Sky GIve Walk-a-thon Fundraising Software to raise millions of dollars every year

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