If you are one of the countless thousands getting your bib by fundraising for the New York City Marathon or the millions upon millions who fundraise for mega ma

What can Amazon's New Movie : Brittany Runs a Marathon teach you about Fundraising for the New York City Marathon ?

by Chad Leathers
on Aug 23, 2019

There is a New Amazon Original coming out to some solid reviews : Brittany Runs a Marathon. The New York City Marathon in-fact, but there is one glaring omission… FUNDRAISING ! 

If you are one of the countless thousands getting your bib by fundraising for the New York City Marathon or the millions upon millions who fundraise for mega marathons like Disney or any of the Rock and Roll Series, you are probably thinking “Man! the marathon is the easy part!”  

With the average gift-size of about $45, to reach the $4,000+ minimum, is a lot of emails! 

But fear not, the team of Blue Sky Give has helped hundreds of thousands just like you raise millions. 


#1 Just Ask. ( “Yea.. duh.” )

Well, I bet that if you’re being honest with yourself there’s probably 50 people you could list off right after you complete this blog that you have not asked.  Asking is hard, it’s awkward, “what if they say ‘no’,” “will I owe them ?” 

Firstly, just ask means that the worst thing that happens is they in-fact say ‘no’ or they say nothing and just don’t give.  But our first tip is to remember that you are NOT asking for YOU, you are providing your friend of family member with an OPPORTUNITY to support a mission that you care about.  You are giving them an opportunity to SUPPORT YOU, and what are friends and family truly the best at ? Support. 

If you’d like to receive a few simple options to help you contact us and we’ll be happy to email them to you! (and no, your email will not be shared) 


#2 What would a celebrity do ? 


Hint: “send a selfie” is not the answer.

You are now the celebrity representing someone who is less fortunate than yourself. You have been given super human level strength,  perseverance, and a powerful network to help those or the cause you are championing who need your help. When you think of Angelina assisting children in Asia, the image you pull up in your mind is of Angelina surrounded by those children.  People want to see YOU share your space with the cause you care for. Your wrist with the bracelet, a note from the hospital, something that connects your friends and family with you AND your cause. Not just you and not just the cause. 


#2 Bonus Tip :

Also post post post, email email email.  Celebrities are celebrities because they’re everywhere. That also has to be you.  Or at least that has to be you if you lack a rich uncle who will float you $4k just for the fun of it. 


Check out a Blue Sky Give Fundraising Page Example

#3 The best ask is a great thank you. 

While this may not guarantee immediate returns, it is easy and quite frankly will make you feel good.  When you receive a donation, take the 2 seconds to whip up a quick *but sincere* thank you.  If the donation is $5 or $500 your donor will remember your gratitude and when you need their support again in the future I can assure you they will not hesitate! 

For marathon training, check out Brittany Runs a Marathon on August 23rd  and for the very best New York City Marathon Fundraising Software check out Blue Sky Give.



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