The best campaigns harness the power of individual creativity, energy and purpose.

What Can Near Hypothermia Teach You About Fundraising?

by Chad Leathers
on Aug 26, 2019

If you have never run, half naked, in weather hovering somewhere just above zero, I would suggest you stay your current course and avoid it at all costs.   

Hypothermia stalks behind you like a wolf, ready for any stumble and your breath turns to frost with every exhale.  All around you, the shivering masses are questioning their life decisions and just ahead a red flag the size of a billboard is being waved wildly before the backdrop of the US  Capital.

If this sounds like a dream, it’s because it could have simply stayed that way.


Instead, this is the Cupid’s Undie Run, an event for a rare disease that’s as difficult to endure as it is to pronounce. The undie-clad flag-bearer encouraging the thousands of soon-to-be ice sculptures is an Army Research Lab, PhD, which belies his penchant for fringe, yet unbelievably effective fundraising events.  

As a volunteer, his efforts along with his belief of : the-power-of-the-volunteer, has generated more than $20 Million in an event that covers quote, “a mile-ish.” 

The story of Cupid’s is both a fascinating example, but also the shared belief and purpose for the new Fundraising Platform Blue Sky Give. 

If you are unfamiliar with “peer-to-peer fundraising” it is often reduced to that of “a fundraising page.” 

However, that comparison would be akin to saying that Obama supporters in 2008 were simply “voters.” 

Credit: Habitat for Humanity Portland 

The best campaigns harness the power of individual creativity, energy and purpose.  They also, however, provide tools. 

Tools for teams to develop and grow, analytics for the best possible decision making and a framework to ensure all members; no matter their ‘rowing’ speed, frequency, or prowess, are rowing in the same direction. 

Additionally, campaigns and events should serve to connect to volunteers, participants and donors to your development department.  However, most of today’s “peer to peer fundraising software”  are just isolated, templated, fundraising pages. 

For Blue Sky Give, we are vying to provide affordable, accessible, and powerful tools for your organization to harness “peer to peer” like never before.  We are rolling out features for true customization yet don’t require code.    

And we are building this from our 15 years of experience in custom development and peer to peer management. 

We would love to hear your stories and would love to support your team and Together, Let’s Grow!